xISBN and composition

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We have been pleasantly surprised at the uses people have made of xISBN. This is a web service which on input of an ISBN returns ISBNs in the same work set. It is an outgrowth of our work on FRBR. A partial list of people who have looked at it or incorporated it in services follows below, compiled by my colleage Eric Childress. We would be very interested in hearing from others who have used it. We know that there are other users out there, but did not have something to point to which says something about what they are doing with it. We plan to release a couple more web services along similar lines in coming weeks and it will be interesting to see whether they are similarly useful. More of that anon.
Uses are generally examples of ‘light-weight service composition’, a phrase used by Jon Udell the other day when talking about his latest Library Lookup work. He incorporates xISBN. The service is stitched easily into other environments.
Jon Udell – Library lookup
John Blyberg – PatREST
Annette Bailey – LibX Virginia Tech Edition
Brian Foy, et al – Business::ISBN
Casey Bisson – XMLOOPAC
Imperial College London – an example of the FRBR bookmarklet
Dave Pattern – University of Huddersfield Library
Ross Singer – Wag the dog web localizer
Seattle Public – check the comments on this entry.

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