Some recent presentations

Here are some recent presentations, illustrating recent themes.

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Slides are often a poor record of a presentation, especially when used as prompts rather than as full records. But they can be useful. Of course, I will sometimes give various evolving versions of a similar presentation and there is no point in posting them all.

I debated whether to use Slideshare or figshare. Slideshare is interesting and seemed to peak a while ago. I don't know why it did not last within the Linkedin family and we will see what Scribd do with it now that they own it. It has the advantage of a somewhat more easy to use embed feature. However, it is also a little forlorn in appearance and clearly has not received a lot of development effort in recent times. figshare, of course, is a very different type of service in terms of scope and demographic. It also has quite a new feel. I thought I would go with it for a while, although I am not embedding the view below. I think clicking through to figshare is a better experience.

I also include some videos, although I cannot bear to watch myself in rerun.  

Slides on figshare

This is a presentation presented at Informatie aan Zee in Belgium and in modified form at Bibliostar in Italy. It discusses some Pandemic Effects and how various collections trends are being affected.
College, consortium, collaboration, collective collection
A presentation to the Board of Directors of Boston Library Consortium. Although library collaboration is common and many libraries collaborate through many organizations, it is a relatively unexamined aspect of library work. Many descriptions exist, but little from the point of view of organization …
Boston Library Consortium Board of Directors, 4 December 2020 (with Constance Malpas)
Pandemic effects and collection directions
Beyond the scramble of the current situation, universities will be looking at long term pandemic effects. This clearly has implications for libraries, as they cleave more closely to university strategies. This presentation looks at some pandemic effects, and considers how it will likely accelerate s…
Opened the RLUK Digital Shift Forum, 30 October 2020. 
Collection directions, collaboration, and pandemic effects
This presentation discusses how libraries are optimizing and pluralizing their collections for an increasingly online post-pandemic environment. Versions were presented at the Mobius Annual Conference (1 June 2020) and the Orbis Cascade Webinar (17 June 2020).
Versions presented to Mobius Annual Conference, 1 June 2020, and OrbisCascade Alliance, 17 June 2020. 
Rediscovering discovery: three general examples
This presentation describes three trends in library discovery, tying them to broad pandemic effects. It was presented in a panel at the CNI Spring 2020 meeting.
CNI Spring Meeting, 21 May 2020. 
Library consortia: scale, opportunity, challenge
This presentation describes some of the dynamics, challenges and opportunities for consortia. It was presented at the ICOLC meeting in Vancouver (8 April 2019).
ICOLC meeting, Vancouver, 8 April 2020. 
Operationalizing the collective collection: a case study of consolidation vs autonomy
This a presentation about operationalizing the collective collection. It focuses some of the decisions and frameworks that could underlie deployment of a shared approach. It is based on work done in partnership with the BTAA.
BTAA ILL Coordinators meeting, U Minnesota, 25 October 2019. 
The Irish presence in the published record
Uses the pattern of global library holdings as represented in WorldCat to explore the characteristics of the Irish published record. The most popular works and authors. It is an example of distant reading.
CONUL Annual Conference, Athlone, Ireland, 30/31 May 2017.

Some recent videos