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Membership - spread the love

Why join?

Only join if you wish to enjoy some additional features. Specifically, members can comment on posts and members can receive updates when significant new content is added.

Signup to join. You can then opt in to receive updates.

Once you are a member, you need to Sign in if you wish to comment. This is to reduce spam.

The system stores your details in a minimal profile, which you can review/edit if you are signed in.

These functions are also accessible through the Member 'Sign up/in' button floating on the screen. And in some sidebar and footer forms (which you do not see if you are signed in).

The Sign in feature becomes more important where paid content features are used. However this is not an issue here as all of this site is openly available.

Editorial note: mmm ... I am using 'Signup' and 'Sign in' because 'Signin' doesn't seem quite right. Maybe I should say 'Sign up' as well! Or just join?


The site does not use passwords. It uses an email-based approach. So no passwords are stored.

No personal details are stored beyond provided email and name. will use these only for the purposes described above (updates and comment management) and will not share with anyone.

This site is hosted on Ghost using Ghost software.  The software is open source and open to inspection. The organization is a not for profit funded entirely from user fees. The Ghost position on security and privacy is described here:

Security and Privacy
Ghost is committed to developing secure, reliable products utilising all modern security best practices. Find out more about our security and privacy.

Picture: I took the opening picture at Branstool Orchards, Utica, Ohio.