Worldcat Identities Network: a 'mashup'

Lorcan 1 min read

There has been some nice reaction to the Worldcat Identities Network.
The initial motivation for this was to put a graphic display of related Identities into an Identities page. This did not work out and we decided to make it available as a standalone app. The aim is to show how something could be built on top of the Worldcat API and the Worldcat Identities Web Services.
It is a ‘mashup’. Which prompted me to think that the peak of the mashup has passed? Or at least we do not hear as much about mashups as before? It is interesting to consider why this is the case, but that is something for a future post perhaps.
Enjoy the Worldcat Identities Network … Here – pretty randomly – is musician Paul Brady, artist Richard Diebenkorn, organizations The Missouri Botanical Gardens and Los Alamos National Laboratory, academic and writer Seamus Deane, poet Eavan Boland, astronomer Fred Hoyle, the interesting Lincoln Theatre, Columbus, and the boat, Brendan.
It should be noted that there is no editorial assistance here. The data is pulled from Worldcat and Worldcat Identities. Worldcat identities is in turn programmatically mined from Worldcat. It would be nice to show the type of each relationship, but that is inconsistently and intermittently available in the bib data.

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