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And while speaking of OpenURL ….
… my colleagues, Jeff Young and Thom Hickey, have an article in the current D-Lib Magazine about the WikiD repository framework which is an OpenURL 1.0 application. Here is the summary:

WikiD demonstrates that OpenURL has potential far beyond its roots in citation linking. It shows the potential for a new OpenURL Community Profile that defines services that can be applied to collections of any type of data. And although OpenURL is inherently a machine-to-machine protocol, it is easy to create a thin overlay to handle human-friendly URL requests that can be mechanically transformed into standard OpenURL representations before being handed off to the resolver for processing. Much of this functionality can be provided with the minimal requirements of OpenURL’s referent and service-type entities. For more complex situations such as the need for authentication and authorization, OpenURL provides a richer set of entities to represent the subtle context in which the service is being performed. [WikiD: An OpenURL 1.0 Application]

(Incidentally, see the repository feature comparison that Thom and Ralph presented a while ago, where WikiD is compared with various repository applications.)


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