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My colleague Stu Weibel talks about webulation. The concept is similar to webification as used by Diane Hillman at the Library of Congress Working Group Open Meeting [meeting summary].
There has been some discussion within the group about terminology and authority resources, and what it means to ‘webify’ them.
To support some other projects, we have had the Library of Congress Name Authority File available for some time now. I think we have webified or webulated it, but without further definition of those terms I can’t be sure 😉
Take Flann O’Brien [Worldcat Identities page], a many handled man ….
Persistent URL: https://errol.oclc.org/laf/n50-1905.html
XML Record: https://errol.oclc.org/laf/n50-1905.MarcXML
And the purpose is explained in the record:

These authority records are derived from the Library of Congress authority file. The purpose is to support interactive and automated authority lookups and provide Web access to individual authority records. [GetRecord]

If we were doing this today, we would have a RESTful rather than SOAP-based interface. And in due course it will probably migrate into our more generalized registry architecture.


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