Web services and library systems


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The VIEWS website is now available. VIEWS (Vendor Initiative for Enabling Web Services) is looking to advance the development of web services based approaches by organizations which supply sytems and services to libraries. OCLC is a member.

VIEWS is an initiative by vendors and library service organizations launched in June 2004 aimed at the enabling of web services between disparate applications used in libraries. Chaired by Carl Grant, President & COO of VTLS, this initiative is a response to the growing need in the vendor and library service communities to create both a discussion forum and a plan to implement web services. The group that has agreed to cooperate in the initiative includes: Dynix, Fretwell Downing, Index Data, Muse Global, OCLC, Endeavor, Talis, and VTLS. NISO has been invited to monitor this work and keep the NISO membership informed of developments and emerging opportunities for formal standardization activities. Questions on VIEWS activities and membership should be directed to Carl Grant. [VIEWS – Vendor Initiative for Enabling Web Services]


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