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Brenda Dervin has an article on user studies in the most recent issue of Information Research.
Brenda is working with OR on the IMLS grant.

In addition, a recent extensive review of the literatures in library and information science, human computer research, and communication as it relates to information seeking and use, particularly in electronic contexts, informs this essay. The review served as the foundation for a proposal for a large scale project entitled “The information confluence: the whys and hows of college and university users satisficing of their information “needs.” Funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Resources, the project will be implemented collaboratively by Ohio State University and OCLC. Dervin, Professor of Communication at Ohio State University, is Principal Investigator. Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Consulting Research Scientist, coordinates the research involvement at OCLC as Co-investigator. Chandra Prahba, OCLC Research Scientist, also serves as Co-investigator. [Human studies and user studies: a call for methodological inter-disciplinarity (Brenda Dervin)]


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