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The University of Winnipeg Library and Information Services website is one of the most engaging I have seen for a while. Others might learn from it.

  • The colors, layout and logo are bright and fresh.
  • The central panel displays library news; a flow of news means it is not static.
  • It incorporates a general newsfeed from cbc.ca.
  • It highlights some Library quick links in the left panel giving direct access to popular locations.
  • A search box allows you to directly search the catalogue, the library website and a couple of other resources.
  • Services are available under a series of tabs at the top, embracing a common web idiom.
  • It has an engaging ‘what would batgirl do?’ feature, where users have access to a wiki for questions and suggestions.

Now, clearly my perspective is that of a stopping external visitor, soon gone: I do not have to use it to get my work done. That said, it gives the impression that it is developed by people who themselves use the web and have embodied that experience in their design.


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