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Via Neil Beagrie I came across TRENDWATCHING.COM: global source for hot consumer trends and related new business ideas in 2004.
There is some arresting phrase-making amid the neologistic and rhetorical excess. A few interesting trends for libraries to note:

  • Generation C: “The GENERATION C phenomenon captures the tsunami of consumer generated content that is building on the Web, adding tera-peta bytes of new text, images, audio and video on an ongoing basis.”
  • Life-caching: “Consumers are collecting, storing and displaying their entire lives, for personal use, or for friends and family, even the entire world to peruse. The necessary enablers are in place for what TRENDWATCHING.COM has dubbed LIFE CACHING, with Nokia, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Samsung and many more getting into the game.”
  • Online Oxygen: “600 million consumers worldwide are beginning to see online access as an absolute necessity, and there are no signs that the pace of integrating online access into daily life is slowing down.”
  • Diaspora management: “Smart governments put their former citizens to good use. Forget embassies, this is where business really gets done;-).”


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