The phone as centre

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Jonathan Schwartz, COO and president of Sun, has become very visible as a blogger. Here he is on technology (on ITConversations). It reminds me of the comment attributed to Alan Kay that technology is what has happened since you were born.

And right, my point, there’s money there and as evidence of that, you know what’s the ring tone market on this, and how many of you guess that it was as big at it was? None of you, because you are not the target demographic for technology anymore. You’re not, all of us are too old. And we’re, we are stuck in PC–me too by the way–we are stuck in PCs, and that’s our view of the center of mass.

But if you talk to a kid going to college today, the number one thing they want to bring to school … what is that you brought to school, did you bring your stereo to school? I did. Did you bring your TV? No, I did not have enough money. Did I bring a phone to school? No. There was one phone, it was common for everyone, it was in the hall. And now, what’s the number of kids who bring their phone to school before they bring a laptop to school? Most. Why? Because it’s become the centre of mass and by the way it is becoming wildly decentralized, and p.s., 3 million college kids will graduate this year and will take those preferences into the market and their biases into the market about what they’re interested in buying and how they’re interested in spending their money, and they have huge disposable income because if not, why on earth would they be spending a 100 bucks a year on ring tones of all things? [Jonathan Schwartz – Perspective]

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