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A couple of notes on the Integrated Library System.

A discussion document on the ILS, prepared at the University of Windsor, has been made available. [Future of the Integrated Library System]

This pulls together some commentary on the current state and preferred directions for the ILS. Thanks to the authors for kind references to some of my own pieces!

JISC and SCONUL wish to commission a project to conduct an evaluation and horizon scan of the current Library Management Systems (LMS) landscape in HE. The main focus is on LMS (including Electronic Resource Management systems) but does not preclude consideration of other, related systems. [ITT: Library Management Systems : JISC]

Depending on who wins the bid, the JISC/SCONUL study offers a real opportunity to advance discussion here. There is enough money available to fund a sustained investigation. The report is scheduled to be complete some time in early 2008.
This space is becoming more interesting as the ‘classic’ ILS vendors reconfigure their offerings, and as the more general library systems environment continues to evolve.
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