The DC Decade


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This month marks the ten year birthday for Dublin Core, which originated at a meeting in Dublin, Ohio, in March 1995.

The community we affectionately described in 1995 as ‘geeks, freaks, and people with sensible shoes’ has grown from the 52 original workshop participants to an international community of researchers and practitioners from more than 50 countries. [DCMI News – General Announcements]

Many people have participated in the Dublin Core story. However, all will recognize the very special contribution made by my colleague Stu Weibel who recently stepped down as Executive Director of the initiative.
A personal reminiscence: shortly after that first workshop, I (then at UKOLN) got in touch with Stu to see if we could contribute to the initiative. The result of that conversation was the second DC Workshop at Warwick, and a series was born.


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