NISO commissioned a Blue Ribbon Panel, chaired by Cliff Lynch, to advise on its strategic planning process. [Full disclosure: I was a member of the panel.]
The report of the Panel [pdf] is now available and makes compelling reading for anybody interested in how standards work is organized – or not organized – in our space.
And as more processes move into a network environment, standards become much more important. This means that we would benefit from better ways of identifying standards needs, better ways of supporting standards activities through their whole life-cycle, and a better synthesising framework within which to understand priorities and gaps.

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The technology career ladder

The technology career ladder

Library leaders should be drawn from across the organization. Any idea that technology leaders are overly specialised or too distant from general library work is outmoded and counter-productive.
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Lorcan Dempsey dot Net

The social, cultural and technological contexts of libraries, services and networks

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