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Several things have meant that blogging has been a bit slow the last week or two. However, I notice from the stats that the daily average number of visits so far this month has been the highest since I started.
Clearly, for maximum traffic I should stop posting altogether 😉 It must be the comment spam ….
A part of it is certainly Google. I did a search for ‘web scale’ the other day and was interested to find this entry on top of the results (remember that results may vary depending on your location, etc, and I doubt it will stay there for future visitors ;-).
Several longer entries I have done sometimes come around again in the lists of most visited entries. One of these is ‘Discover, locate … horizontal and vertical integration‘. It must resonate with a library audience I thought to myself.
However, a while ago I noticed from logs that it was being regularly found by Google searches for some combination of horizontal and vertical integration. Again it ranks highly.
This stuff is quite interesting, but I need to keep away from it … Enough other things to do 😉


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