Schematize is cropping up in various places. Jim Gray spoke about schematized storage at OCLC recently [ppt]. He was talking about associating metadata with data. Here is Steve Gillmor:

HailStorm’s notion of a massive in-memory cloud of XML data and metadata was doomed, not by the daunting mechanics of schematizing a broad set of generic business processes or assembling a mesh network of server clusters, but by the fears of many that Microsoft would commandeer personal information to achieve network domination, as it once seized the desktop. [Gmail a Gentler HailStorm?]

Prompted by this, I have been characterizing metadata as schematized statements about resources [ppt]. Not sure if it quite trips off the tongue!

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Two metadata directions

Two metadata directions

Metadata practice continues to evolve as research and cultural practices diversify. After a brief environmental view, I discuss two important metadata trends here: entification and pluralization.
Lorcan 16 min read

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