RSS, Mozilla and mortals

Lorcan 1 min read

Dan Farber interviews Chris Hoffman, Director of Engineering at the Mozilla Foundation. The headline says that Mozilla wants to make RSS usable by ‘mere mortals’.

He said that he doesn’t have plans for blogging or wiki projects, but that the Mozilla Foundation is looking at developing a next generation of communications tools. “We have just scratched the surface of RSS integration with a browser and e-mail. We made it easier to navigate and get feeds, but publishing and improving RSS usability will be an ongoing challenge,” Hofmann said. “Our researchers are looking at new ideas now, but we aren’t ready to talk about it now.” [� Mozilla Foundation wants at making RSS usable by mere mortals | Between the Lines |]

This is good to hear. I sometimes wonder how much time some people spend reading RSS feeds given the current state of the tools we have.
Self-aggrandRSSment: Talking about how many RSS feeds you subscribe to.
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