Quotes of the day: what business is Google in?

Lorcan 1 min read

Here is Bubblegeneration talking about Google’s interesting acquisition of dMarc, which helps bring advertisers and radio stations together:

You shouldn’t see Goog as the world’s information organizer. It’s more accurate to say that it’s the world’s ad allocator. [Bubblegeneration Strategy Lab]

Here is Phil Wainewright saying something similar about Google in the context of Amazon’s decision to open up the Alexa search API.

Imagine this scenario, which could come to fruition within a matter of days: using AWSP, a developer sets up a vertical search engine serving a market that attracts high-value pay-per-click advertising. The developer monetizes its new search engine by carrying Google AdSense. Yes, that’s right, an Alexa-driven search engine that’s funded by Google-driven ads. At a stroke, it becomes obvious that Google’s wealth doesn’t come from the fact that it’s a search engine funded by advertising. It comes from the fact that it’s a pay-per-click contextual advertising engine, which also happens to run its own search engine. [| Software as services |]

Google as an ‘ad allocator’ and as a ‘contextual advertizing engine’. An interesting way to think about things.

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