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My Openly colleagues have added an IE version of the OpenURL Referrer extension. The Firefox version is already available.

OpenURL Referrer is a browser extension that can take certain kinds of citations on the web and convert them to direct links to one of your local library’s databases. This can be accomplished thanks to OpenURL, a powerful technology that packages bibliographic information into a format that many internet services can understand. ……

….. You will need to have access to a library with a link resolver that supports OpenURL version 0.1 or 1.0. OpenURL Referrer can automatically detect your link resolver settings using the OCLC OpenURL Resolver Registry. If your institution is not yet represented in the registry, ask your library administrator to register a link resolver as part of your library profile in the WorldCat Registry ( Registration is open to all libraries, both OCLC and non-OCLC. The The Firefox version of the extension can also be configured manually. [OpenURL Referrer [OCLC – Openly Informatics]]

OpenURL Referrer can produce links for three different kinds of citations: Google Scholar results, the Google News Archive, and Coins.
It is nice to see the registry being used in this way for lookup – removing the need in many cases to do local configuration.
I have no sense of how heavily various of the library oriented extensions are used, Libx for example. Nor, for that matter, have I seen any analysis of how well Coins are working in helping to connect citations in web pages back to library fulfillment options. It would be interesting to see some numbers.




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