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Mentioning Koha the other day reminded me that I have used the Nelsonville Public Library catalog in a couple of recent presentations. It serves Athens County in South East Ohio and uses Koha.
See the entry for this title: The art of Richard Diebenkorn.
They provide access to Amazon search inside the book, reviews and details. They also link out to Oplin (a state-wide public library network), to Worldcat, and to Google Scholar. Interestingly they label these local databases, other libraries and other databases respectively.
They don’t geographically limit the Worldcat search (here is a search for that book across Ohio). Of course, once one begins to compose different pieces like this one runs into interesting implementation choices.
I liked their virtual shelves – even if there are not yet very many. And I liked the way that they show the status (checked out, in transit, …), due date, and last seen date of an item.
Results can be ranked in various ways (I wonder how they measure popularity?), and they allow you to refine searches through the emerging convention of a left hand stack of searchable attributes (places, branches, authors, topics, series, …).
For those with new year resolve, they have some canned searches on the home page.
Get organized:
A final note. They have RSS feeds for searches through opensearch and search strings are human hackable. They show the search syntax on top of searches: it would be interesting to know whether people are constructing more complex searches or whether people are embedding links in other environments.
Here is the opensearch search for Sarah Jessica Parker, a native of Nelsonville. You can subscribe in whatever environment you manage your feeds.




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