OpenSearch and SRU

Lorcan 1 min read

An interesting post on the OpenSearch developers’ blog about a visit by Rob Sanderson, one of the people involved in SRU.

We see many opportunities for collaboration going forward. To start, we hope to foster ongoing dialog between the OpenSearch and SRU communities. And on the technical side, there are several obvious ways in which the two formats can interoperate. For example, the OpenSearch Query Syntax could incorporate elements of CQL to perform more structured searches — a thorny challenge that benefits from reusing prior efforts. On the response side, OpenSearch queries can be used to fetch structured SRU result sets. We even discussed ways to use a simple XSLT to convert SRU explain records into OpenSearch Description documents and SRU result sets into OpenSearch Responses on the fly. This will be particularly useful in integrating SRU-enabled resources directly into the growing number of OpenSearch-aware clients. And as SRU continues to make headway on tough problems, such as sorting, the OpenSearch community will likely want to follow their lead. [A9 Developer Blog » Blog Archive » Rob Sanderson visits]

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