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I was interested to come across Equinox Systems this morning:

Created by the same team who planted the seed of Evergreen and grew it into a full-featured library automation system, Equinox Software is the only choice for the experience and expertise you need from your Evergreen development, support and integration team. Drawing on proven real-world experience, Equinox Software knows what it takes to succeed in today’s libraries. Every library is different. Only Evergreen is built with the flexibility to support them all, and only Equinox Software is built to support Evergreen. [Equinox · Home]

Eqiunox joins LibLime in supporting open source library systems. Interestingly, I notice that LibLime supports both Koha- and Evergreen-based options. And I also notice that Koha Zoom is based on Zebra, the mature text retrieval engine from IndexData. Of course, IndexData itself provides support for a range of its own open source software offerings.
It will be interesting to see how this sector develops over the next few years given recent changes in the environment.


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