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There are lots of news stories, but little news, about the deal to develop a major virtual venue between the Swedish Entropia Universe and the Cyber Recreation Development Corporation (CRD), the online entertainment division of the Beijing Municipal People’s Government.

China will soon have its first cash-based virtual world, where millions of people can work, socialize, learn and fall in love, Sweden-based Entropia Universe announced Wednesday. ….

… “An important aspect for this project is also the positive effects on our environment that we foresee,” Liu said in a release.

“People will actually be able to work from home inside Entropia Universe, as many people do today, even from rural areas, thereby decreasing the amount of pollution generated by travel.” [China Post – Taiwan Business,World Business,台灣財經]

The story goes on to quote Entropia saying “that as many as seven million people will be able to access China’s virtual universe simultaneously and the hope is to attract some 150 million residents from around the Earth to socialize and do business there”. It is planned to launch in August next year, so it will be interesting to see whether it develops in line with current aspirations.

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