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One of the most interesting developments of the last year or so has been the emergence of Amazon, Google, eBay and others as application platforms, computational and communication hubs around which partners can develop business opportunities. eBay made some announcements at its Developers’ Conference in June.

“By allowing and encouraging our affiliates to use the eBay API, we’re helping them grow their businesses more effectively and directly tap into the power of the eBay platform,” explained Vaughan Smith, senior director, Internet Marketing. “The affiliate tier brings together the entrepreneurial spirit of our affiliate community with the technical savvy of the eBay developer community, and we expect that it will be a catalyst for the creation of new and highly profitable affiliate businesses.” [eBay Expands Affiliate Program Resources to Enable Web Services Access]

It also announced the expansion of its PayPal Web Services offering by introducing a new Software Development Kit for the .net environment.

The PayPal Web Services architecture shares a common API structure with eBay’s Web services offerings. Developers can work with both standards-based platforms without additional training. For more information about PayPal toolkits, sample code and documentation, visit The PayPal SDK for ASP.NET is also being distributed to Borland’s developer community and will be included in the next version of Borland Delphi for the Microsoft .NET Framework.[PayPal – Press Release]


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