Net generation students and libraries


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Joan Lippincott of CNI writes about Net Generation users and libraries in a new publication:

What are some of the major disconnects between many of today’s academic libraries and Net Gen students? The most common one is students’ dependence on Google or similar search engines for discovery of information resources rather than consultation of library Web pages, catalogs, and databases as the main source of access. Since students often find library-sponsored resources difficult to figure out on their own, and they are seldom exposed to or interested in formal instruction in information literacy, they prefer to use the simplistic but responsive Google. Another disconnect is that digital library resources often reside outside the environment that is frequently the digital home of students’ coursework, namely, the course management system, or CMS. Library services are often presented in the library organization context rather than in a user-centered mode. Libraries emphasize access to information but generally do not have facilities, software, or support for student creation of new information products. All of these disconnects can be remedied if appropriate attention is paid to the style of Net Gen students. [Net Generation Students and Libraries]

There is a nice mention of Open WorldCat. The chapter appears in Educating the Net Generation from Educause.


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