Modelling digital information assets


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There was some discussion of digital object management and the relevance or otherwise of FRBR at the staff meeting this morning. A couple of relevant references.
The first is work being done at Harvard:

We have done some very preliminary investigation towards defining an abstract reference model for digital library objects, based on a FRBR-like taxonomic model and an OAIS-like information model. We feel that a model of this type is important for designing collection management systems and repository architectures, for facilitating exchange between heterogeneous repositories, and for planning preservation activities. [Stephen Abrams]

There is a document describing the model.
The second is some work done by the National Library of Australia as part of the functional requirements for their digital collections manager. This looks at information assets themselves at various levels, and also at operations on those assets (for example it models processes, jobs and tools).

This section defines the objects needing to be supported by the Digital Collections Manager and their properties. An entity-relationship model is used to detail the requirements. [DOMS Implementation Project. Digital Collections Manager. Functional Specifications.]


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