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Check out the labs page at the University of Michigan Library:

MLibrary Labs is where the University of Michigan Library shows off some tools that are not quite ready for prime time. [UM Library: MLibrary Labs]

There is some nice stuff here.
I found this via [BLT] the Blog for Library Technology at umich.

[BLT] Blog for Library Technology is published by the University of Michigan Library’s Library Information Technology division. We’ll talk about technological innovations we’re developing in the U-M library. We welcome your comments and feedback! (If you don’t have a U-M uniqname, you can sign up for a free Friend account and log in with it to post comments.) [[BLT] Blog for Library Technology]

The blog has been going for a little while. I like the practical and informative focus, coming from what is, in library terms, a large group, looking at interesting implementation issues.


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