Metrics and visibility

Lorcan 1 min read

I was interested to come across the Service Level Definitions page at the Library at the London School of Economics.

Additionally, we have a number of Service Targets which we monitor on a monthly or termly basis. You can see our general service standards and the full results for our service targets for the academic year to date here. We have put a few interesting facts for last month opposite. [ Service Level Definitions]

What is interesting is that they publish their performance against the targets. I do not have a sense of how common this is. Here are their targets for availability of the catalogue and library IT equipment.
When I do presentations, I sometimes get asked about the library brand on the web. It is well-known that users do not always associate the range of licensed materials they have access to with the library directly. And the more integrated library resources appear with other environments, paradoxically, the less visible the library itself may appear.
I usually respond that we are seeing the library itself become more visible through active engagement with research, teaching and learning activities, marketing, assessment, and programs. This type of measurement also becomes more important.

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