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Thom has a note about linking to Worldcat Identities. The current API has various aspects ….. here is a list with examples for the two simpler approaches. See Thom’s post for fuller detail.
1. Direct linking using an LCCN.
Here is the link for Van Morrison:
2. OpenURL
See Thom’s post for the detail.
3. NameFinder

The name finder service gives back a list of candidate names with URI’s, ranking information, a sample title and other information about the name. …. NameFinder looks at lots of possible variations in names, so almost always results in a list rather than a unique Identity record. [Outgoing: Linking to WorldCat Identities]

Here is Van again: Or (There is also a SOAP version.)
4. SRU searching
There is also full SRU searching and again Thom provides the detail.
And while we are talking about him, here is a VIAF entry for Van Morrison and here is his FAST subject tag cloud from Identities.
Finally, here is a list of his CDs in Worldcat.


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