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I was very aware of the UKRDS conference this week as it left many traces in my network environment. It discussed aspects of data curation and reuse in a national context. I was interested to see these three blog reports, covering the same event with very different levels of immediacy. Here they are, getting progressively more immediate as you move down the list …

  1. Recollected in tranquility – John MacColl
  2. Narrative contemporary blog reporting – Chris Rusbridge
  3. Coveritlive-based blow by blow liveblogging – Andy Powell

Both John and Andy refer to differences between librarians and researchers in terms of expectation.

This meeting in some ways acted as a venue for a dialogue between these two camps – librarians and those who supported library support-like national services, on the one hand, and specialist researchers and their support services on the other. [Hangingtogether.org]


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