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The recent report released by DLF, Digital Library Content and Course Management Systems: Issues of Interoperation, makes it three: three recent reports on the increasingly important interface between library services and instructional technology applications. The three are:

  1. Digital Library Content and Course Management Systems: Issues of Interoperation. Report of a study group chaired by Dale Flecker and Neil McLean.
  2. Interoperability between Library Information Services and Learning Environments – Bridging the Gaps [PDF]. A joint White Paper written on behalf of the IMS Global Learning Consortium and the Coalition for Networked Information. Principal authors: Neil McLean and Clifford Lynch.
  3. Libraries and the Enhancement of E-learning [PDF]. Report of the OCLC e-learning taskforce, chaired by Pat Albanese. Edited by Neil McLean and Heidi Sander.

This relationship has become a very important one. I sense that organizational fluidity and technical immaturity coupled with a need to work through a set of service issues will make this a discussion for several years to come.


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