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Not surprising really, but I was interested to realize recently how much more real IPR issues are for my children than they were for me. A couple of indicators ….
Brand. They are very aware of brands – for clothes, accessories, and so on. More particularly, they have a sense of the ‘aura’ attaching to authentic items, reflected in the price ;-), and while understanding the attraction of copies definitely feel that they are second best. We were waiting in the car the other day and somebody walked past. There was a discussion in the back about whether his jeans were the real thing (I confess to not remembering the brand 😉 or a fake …
Media. Several things here. They are of course aware of the limitation on use of music downloaded from iTunes. However, they also realize that there are territorial differences and restrictions on how DVDs can be played, and have also experienced territorial restrictions on the use of media clips as in ….


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