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Mary Meeker of Morgan Stanley gave a presentation at Web 2.0 which has been noted in several places. It provides an interesting overview of technology takeup. [pdf]
She suggests that we are moving into the two most profound cycles of the computing era: PC Internet (Broadband) and Mobile Internet.
There are lots of interesting stats here about the growth of broadband, wi-fi, and the penetration of cell-phones.
Apparently Skype was the fasted growing application ever, with the larger part of its use outside the US. She closes by saying that they believe that the first ten years of the commerical Internet (1995-2005) was just a warm-up act for what is about to happen.
At one stage, she notes how the integration of Search, Find, and Obtain is an important driver. Discovery is not enough: it needs to be convereted to fulfilment. A lesson for us here.
Via Thinking about the future.
Incidentally, Paul also has an interesting post describing David Sifry’s presentation about Technorati and blogs more generally. Some pretty amazing numbers: A new blog is being created every second, and the most highly visited have similar levels of traffic to poplular destinations like the BBC and Reuters.

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