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In the continuing discussion about the place of the catalog in the evolving set of library services and the wider network world, a couple of interesting links.
First, a talk given a few days ago at OCLC:

Birte Christensen-Dalsgaard (State and University Library, Aarhus (Denmark))

Developing Denmark’s Next Generation Digital Library: Work Underway at Statsbiblioteket and DEFF (PPT: 3.4MB/36slides)

OCLC, 06 April 2006, Dublin, OH (USA) [Presentations [OCLC – Research]]

There is much of interest here, including a view of how various library systems will be decomposed and reassembled, and, flowing from this, a discussion of roles and levels of activity as the network also changes organizational context.
Next, the National Library of Australia hosted an ‘innovative ideas forum’ earlier this month, with a range of presentations. It is as interesting seeing the spread of what is thought to be important as seeing some of the individual presentations themselves. The continuing reshaping of national library services expressed in the strategic direction of the National Library of Australia was noteworrthy for me. [ppt]
This is just a short note as I am on the road at the moment. I may come back to some of these presentations in the context of some general themes around service composition, changing structures and direction.


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