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After much labor, the Info-URI Internet Draft is formally recognized by the IETF.
For more about Info-URI check out the web-site, with links to registry and FAQ. From the FAQ:

The motivation behind developing the info URI scheme is to allow legacy identification systems to become part of the Web global information architecture so that the information assets they identify can be referenced by Web-based description technologies such as XLink, RDF or Topic Maps. Note that we are concerned with “information assets”, not “digital assets” per se – the information assets may be variously digital, physical or conceptual. [About “info” URIs – Frequently Asked Questions]

This is the work of Herbert Van de Sompel, Tony Hammond, Eamon Neylon and my colleague Stu Weibel who talks about its significance here. Congratulations to them all ….
Disclosure: OCLC Research currently maintains the registry infrastructure on behalf of NISO.


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