Holiday note 3: knitting a web presence

Lorcan 1 min read

I find website appearance both more and less important, as I suggested in a post a couple of years ago (although it seems only like a couple of months ago ;-).
Less important because I now experience many sites as part of the feed-based universe which makes up much of my information consumption. I ‘look’ at CNN, for example, quite a bit, but rarely visit the actual site. More important because my perception of an organization’s website now plays a more important part in my impression of that organization.
Anyway, over the holiday I have seen quite a few online holiday greetings and sites in festive garb. The one that I liked best was the University of Plymouth’s home page. It is playful and pleasing. It is not often that you see knitting textures as part of a University website! It communicated a good image of the organization, I thought.
(I have linked the picture to the University’s home page. I hope that future versions of the home page don’t disappoint 😉

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