Godfrey Rust and Ontologyx


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Godfrey Rust’s company Ontologyx has been acquired by Rightscom, a digital rights management consultancy. At the same time they have announced a partnership to promote their ‘ontology’ based rights management approach. Godfrey Rust is the main resource behind INDECS.

The Ontologyx™ range of products has been developed to enable effective automated communication of complex data requiring the establishment of agreement between different and complex semantics. At the core of Ontologyx™ is an extremely robust and flexible ontology and data model that has been designed to provide a hub for the interoperability of meaning. Ontologyx™ products can be delivered either for client installation or as a hosted service. [Network Inference, Rightscom and ioko announce strategic partnership to develop ontology-based solutions for Rights Management in the digital domain | NetworkInference]


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