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In recent discussion, an RLG colleague used the word ‘FRBResque’ to describe its rolling up of results into a work-level view. A very nice expression, I thought.
And appropriate too. It is important to remember that wherever its (slow) formal elaboration goes, we do not currently have something called FRBR which can be implemented out of the box. Nor will it yield an approach devoid of ambiguity or the need for discretion in application. Nor is it clear what impact it will have on cataloging practice or what level of deployment there will be.
The main current advantage is the framework it gives us for thinking about developing work-based views which are ‘roughly right’. It also provides a conceptual framework for thinking about our practices in terms of the broad data entities to be managed in bibliographic systems. And for comparing those practices and entities to those of other domains and our own evolving needs.


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