FRBR presentations

Lorcan 1 min read

In preparing the first presentation below, I linked to a variety of colleagues’ presentations which touch on some aspect of FRBR.
Lorcan Dempsey
On the discrimination of Huck Finns: a short presentation on FRBR (PPT)
Reading 2.0, 16 March 2006, San Francisco, California (USA)
Diane Vizine-Goetz
FictionFinder: Don Quixote to Graphic Novels (PPT:1.4MB/24slides)
WebWise 2006, 17 February 2006, Los Angeles,California (USA)
Eric Childress
What’s FRBR? (PPT:1.1MB/43 slides)
Central Ohio Chapter, American Society of Information Science & Technology, 21 July 2005, Columbus, Ohio (USA)
Brian Lavoie and Roger C. Schonfeld (Ithaka)
A Systemwide View of Library Collections (PPT:300K/35slides)
CNI Spring 2005 Task Force Meeting, 4-5 April 2005, Washington, DC (USA)
Thom Hickey
FRBR: Algorithms and Applications (PPT:1.17MB/40slides)
California Library Association pre-conference Institute, 12 November 2004, San Jose, California (USA)
Edward T. O’Neill
Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records: OCLC’s Experience Identifying and Using Works (PPT:26MB/35 slides)
FRBR Workshop, 8-9 July 2004, Frankfurt (Germany)

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Two metadata directions

Two metadata directions

Metadata practice continues to evolve as research and cultural practices diversify. After a brief environmental view, I discuss two important metadata trends here: entification and pluralization.
Lorcan 16 min read

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