I think the Pageflakes grab-bag approach works better for some things than others. Anyway, here are three sites that have come over my horizon recently.

  1. My colleague Karen Smith-Yoshimura alerted us today to a page of library blogs assembled by British Library staff. I was interested to see the classification employed. There was I thinking that this blog had become much more general in recent times, and I see it classified under ‘web and library technology’. There are some interesting videos under the photos/videos tab.
  2. There is always something useful on the BBC Internet Blog page.
  3. I worked in Dublin City Public Libraries many years ago and so was pleased when Eddie Byrne got in touch a while ago. Here is the page he has put together showing library resources.
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The decentered library network presence

The decentered library network presence

The library does not have a singular network presence. There may be a main website, but the library also syndicates its presence to other venues (e.g. RSS), has unbundled to social sites (e.g. Facebook), and sources activity in the cloud (e.g. LibGuides).
Lorcan 5 min read
Full library discovery

Full library discovery

The collection remains central to the library experience. However, as library services evolve beyond the collection so it makes sense for discovery services to represent more of what the library does and can provide - to move from 'full collection discovery' to 'full library discovery.'
Lorcan 4 min read

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