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As useful as the features and usability tweaks are, there is something much more interesting about Firefox and Thunderbird, and that is the sense you are dealing with well-polished end user applications and not collections of components. Firefox and Thunderbird represent a new breed of open source projects that are first and foremost, products. They have a clear focus on end users, well articulated missions, and critically, keen brand awareness. It will be interesting to see if and how Mozilla evolves beyond the mail/browser pair into a set of infoware-tools that move beyond the ageing and increasingly less relevant productivity suites. Desktop search, IM, media management, feed reading and music all seem like candidates. [Bill de h�ra]

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The technology career ladder

The technology career ladder

Library leaders should be drawn from across the organization. Any idea that technology leaders are overly specialised or too distant from general library work is outmoded and counter-productive.
Lorcan 7 min read

Lorcan Dempsey dot Net

The social, cultural and technological contexts of libraries, services and networks

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