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I was interviewed for the British Library’s Growing Knowledge: the evolution of research exhibition, which opened last week. I have not seen the physical installation yet but there is an online presence. See the gallery of digital research initiatives they showcase, for example, or the network research tools.
One theme is the role of the library as it evolves to support changing research behaviors, exemplified by those initiatives and tools.
In that context, I was reminded of the recent report prepared for us by Susan Kroll and Rick Forsman which explores tools and services used by researchers throughout the research life cycle.

Researchers have quickly adapted to products that expedite their work, while rejecting those tools and services that do not offer ease of use and sizable payoff. In interviews with 38 individuals at four prominent U.S. research universities, respondents reported how they use information in the course of their research, what tools and services are most critical and benefi cial to them, where they continue to experience unmet needs, and how they prioritize use of their limited time. [A slice of research life: information support for research in the United States PDF]


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