Elsevier CEO on open access


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Reed-Elsevier argues value of existing publishing model.

The use of scientific information is spreading as technology allows more researchers to access more information more frequently. Since 1999, the number of articles downloaded via Elsevier’s electronic portal ScienceDirect has doubled each year, reaching 175 million downloaded articles in 2003 as its worldwide usership reached 5 million. ..

Increasingly, publishers are taking action to address libraries’ budgetary concerns. Since 1999, the list prices of Elsevier’s journals have risen by around 6 per cent per year, which is well below the industry average. Over this period the volume of articles grew annually by 3-5 per cent, inflation increased by 1-2 per cent each year, and the number of articles downloaded doubled annually. Since 2001, the price of retrieving an Elsevier article in the UK has fallen 63 per cent from �4.70 to �1.70 and is expected to fall below �1 within two years.[The Observer | Business | Why the sci-mag barons are right]


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