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The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative celebrated fifteen years of existence on March 1st.
logo-title-r[1].jpgThe initiative began at a workshop in Dublin, Ohio, jointly organized by OCLC and NCSA. The second workshop inaugurated the series which has continued to this day morphing into the annual conference along the way. It was jointly organised by OCLC and UKOLN, at the University of Warwick.
I attended some of the earlier meetings as a participant, although my main involvement has been administrative, early on with UKOLN and latterly at OCLC. In addition to staff contributions, OCLC continued to financially support the initiative until last year when DCMI was established as an independent entity.
The Dublin Core is now widely used, and discussions about development, deployment and improvement continue. Many people and organizations around the world have worked on it. I am sure that they would all feel it is appropriate to acknowledge the central contribution of Stu Weibel. Stu’s persistence, consensual skills and emotional investment, working with his then OCLC colleague, Eric Miller, was vital to the early momentum and continued existence of the initiative.
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