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I like this text from an abstract of one of the presentations at the Institutional Web Management Workshop 2005.

Within any institution there are numerous individuals with a desire to publish on the Web, and have often been free to do so, free from such concerns as accessibility, usability, standards or what anyone else in the organisation might be doing. [Institutional Web Management Workshop 2005: Sessions]

This is from a presentation by Colin Work and Julie Burrell about implementing a corporate CMS at the University of Southampton.
Brian Kelly initiated this annual event many years ago, and its changing program gives a good sense of the developing concerns of institutional web managers. At this stage presentations are not available on the website, but even reading the abstracts gives a good sense of issues. One important focus seems to be the shift from a technical emphasis to a marketing one, understanding marketing in a broad sense as understanding and responding to user needs.

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The decentered library network presence

The decentered library network presence

The library does not have a singular network presence. There may be a main website, but the library also syndicates its presence to other venues (e.g. RSS), has unbundled to social sites (e.g. Facebook), and sources activity in the cloud (e.g. LibGuides).
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Full library discovery

Full library discovery

The collection remains central to the library experience. However, as library services evolve beyond the collection so it makes sense for discovery services to represent more of what the library does and can provide - to move from 'full collection discovery' to 'full library discovery.'
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