Copyright investigation practices

Lorcan 1 min read

My Programs colleagues have released an interesting review [pdf] of copyright investigation practices across several RLG Partners.

In this project, staff from eight partner institutions participated in copyright investigation interviews between August and September 2007 to share the ways in which their institutions currently obtain copyright permission to provide users with access to high-risk or special collection materials. [Copyright investigation summary report – PDF]

It’s also important to note that staff who participated from almost every institution expressed a sense of “just getting started” or “realigning efforts to be more consistent across campus and across library units.” Almost all of the staff interviewed were in newly created positions; several noted that conducting copyright investigations in a centralized fashion was a new area of focus for their institutions. [Copyright investigation summary report – PDF]

This report is interesting in its own right as a review of practices. It also contributes background information to ongoing work at OCLC exploring a Registry of Copyright Evidence.
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