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The top IT issues for universities are listed in an article in the current EDUCAUSE REVIEW | May/June 2004, Volume 39, Number 3. Not many surprises. Finance a major issue:

Accelerating demands for IT services and rising costs for IT infrastructure renewal and support, coupled with institutional budget cuts at many colleges and universities, have created an ongoing crisis in higher education. Quite simply, total costs for information technology are increasing at a rate that exceeds the ability of colleges and universities to pay. The need for realistic strategies to fund information technology has never been greater. The following questions, based on guidelines offered in a recently published EDUCAUSE executive briefing, [EDUCAUSE REVIEW | May/June 2004, Volume 39, Number 3]

Other issues include identity management, ERP, e-learning, campus portals.

How are faculty supported in the move to a more learner-centered e-learning environment? How can the institution work most effectively with faculty, instructional designers, librarians, programmers, and media specialists in developing new digital resources, including institutional information repositories and learning object repositories? How can the campus support the development of standards for the description of and access to digital resources?


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