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I spoke at the Taiga Forum early last week in Chicago. Readers may be interested in the provocative statements that were produced for the meeting, their level of provocation depending on your asssessment of the current state of, and prospects for, the research library.
These were discussed by attendees, and Scott Walter provides an overview on ACRLog.
My sense of the discussion corroborated much that one hears more generally about more clearly defining the role and value of the research library in changing times.

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So-called soft skills are hard

So-called soft skills are hard

So-called soft skills are important across a range of library activities. Existing trends will further amplify this importance. Describing these skills as soft may be misleading, or even damaging. They should be recognized as learnable and teachable, and should be explicitly supported and rewarded.
Lorcan 12 min read
The technology career ladder

The technology career ladder

Library leaders should be drawn from across the organization. Any idea that technology leaders are overly specialised or too distant from general library work is outmoded and counter-productive.
Lorcan 7 min read

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