Arrow, Fedora and VTLS


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Arrow is an Australian project developing institutional repository facilities for Australian Universities. The National Library of Australia will provide a ‘national discovery layer’ for the initiative. At Members’ Council somebody compared an institutional repository to a vertical file system; Arrow has a vertical file system motif on its web pages.
The project has just selected its repository software:

Blacksburg, VA – VTLS and the ARROW (Australian Research Repositories Online to the World) Project are pleased to announce that they have entered into an agreement to develop VITAL and FEDORATM as the solution to address ARROW’s research repository needs. VITAL is one of the newest products from VTLS and is based on the open source digital object repository FEDORATM. FEDORATM was originally conceived and designed at Cornell University with funding from the National Science Foundation. The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation is funding the open-source FEDORATM that is jointly being developed by the University of Virginia and Cornell University. In reaching agreement with VTLS, the ARROW project now joins the FEDORATM development partnership that includes the University of Virginia, Cornell University, VTLS and other academic and commercial stakeholders.[VTLS Inc. | Customer Support]


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