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Atlas Systems is one of those smaller companies in the libraries marketplace who provides niche solutions. The are probably best known for the Illiad resource sharing software.
However, they also provide an interesting system in a new application area …

Aeon offers a circulation management system that enables special collections libraries and archives to provide better customer service in a more secure and controlled environment. By eliminating many of the manual steps in non-automated systems, Aeon allows special collections librarians to improve both the depth and quality of services they provide patrons, without the need for additional staff. [Atlas Systems, Inc. – Aeon]

I was interested to read this about EAD:

From within the EAD you can further control the level of requesting. Do you allow patrons to request at the box level, folder level, or item level from within your EAD guide?

Aeon takes your EAD data and provides convenient check boxes for patrons to request exactly the item(s) they want. [Atlas Systems, Inc. – Aeon]

One wonders if this is the type of thing that will continue to be sourced separately, or will be absorbed into general ILS functionality, or ….. I have no experience of the product, nor have I spoken to anybody who has.
Via Frank Hermes, my former OCLC colleague, who works with Atlas.


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